Responsible gaming

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From Magic Park Playa de Aro S.L. we recommend the responsible game between all our customers and the rest of the population.

The pathological game can occur when the game stops becoming a fun, becoming a necessity. The pathological game or ludopathy consists of a disorder in which the person is forced, by a psychologically uncontrollable urgency, to play, in a persistent and progressive way, negatively affecting personal, family and vocational life.

These are some of the symptoms:

  • Loss of the notion of time during the game.
  • Increase of the game frequency and the amount that is bet.
  • Use gambling as an exit to the problems.
  • Hide the game to others.

If you start to experience symptoms, do not hesitate to get into the hands of entities and associations specialized in this type of pathology, there they will provide you with the right solution to your problem.

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